palindromic / hybrid paintings


Beginning of METAMORPHOSE(S) 


THE PALINDROMIC PAINTINGS – Hybrid Paintings  are experiments in modification, creating a kind of surrealistic relation in between two media, questioning and accentuating similarities and differences between two objects which both have historically and culturally their own specificities. 

This project takes two elements: a canvas and clothing, its possibilities (canvas: its symbolic value and status; clothing: the relation to the body, characteristics of different materials, portability and functionality) and limitations (canvas: a static object; clothing: functionality of the materials and design as its prime goal) as something to transcend. By deconstruction, reconstruction, unusual combinations applied on both formats, seemingly familiar materials are reconsidered and revisited, forming a hybrid. Clothing, loses a part of its main functional characteristics while acquiring, through associations and modifications, a symbolic value, while the canvas changes its position as ‘mystical’ object by the capacity of moving it in the space. The constructions, clothes’ relation to the body and painting’s relation to the space are not only dissected, but transformed as well. As such, both are enhanced into something with more potentialities. Clothing gets symbolic value and painting now relates to the body. Clothing and painting, both transformed and merged, gain sculptural power.

©ada rajszys