metamorphosis of nature


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Dialogue between Nature and Artefact

What can be the consequences of the transformation of objects found in natural environments ? By extracting and transforming, they form another reality. Reconfigured natural objects become artefacts.

Branches, twigs and roots are transfigured by creative minimalistic manipulation, close to Arte Povera. Different materials wrap the natural objects, while retaining its natural forms. White plaster, paint, pasted paper, tissues or fragments of mirrors;  colours close to its original or vivid, sometimes glittering, sometimes reflecting, the objects become a kaleidoscope changing perception.

Through this manipulation, the roots and branches turn into dense objects, contracted and contorted. Meanwhile, the viewer’s perception is not only challenged to analyse the interaction and relation between the real – natural – object and its artefact and to contribute thoughts, feelings and interpretations to these transformed natural objects. Some of these were also cloned by casting them and manipulating them in the same way as the originals. Which was the original branch? Did they all, including the copies, become original branches, or were they all simply no more branch, but “metamorphosed” into something else? Are there roots underneath the plastered roots, or have they disappeared? Or does the rough appearance and hand made character of the manipulations bring them even closer to the richness and extreme diversity of the different forms offered by nature? It makes us look at the outside world in another way.

TAMAT / Centre of Tapestry & the Arts of fabric (Oct 2012 – Oct 2011) – research grant French Community. Creation of sculptures.