construct / deconstruct in situ


“…It is perhaps that what I feel, there are an outside and an inside and me in the middle, it is perhaps that what I am, the thing which divides the world into two, on the one side outside, of the other the inside, that can be mean like a blade, I am not nor of one side nor of other, I am in the middle, I am the partition…” Samuel Beckett

In 2008 I participated to an event where every artist / designer was invited to propose an installation in a hotel room. I found myself in a very designed & sharp but also totally impersonal and austere space. My first desire was to recreate my own space and to create my own story. Big space moves away the beings. One saw a complete intimacy only in the restricted circle, a nice place liked, not in an unspecified place. I used all the objects which I found at that moment in that place to create my own private cocoon. This kind of recreated hut was also related to a natural process of ‘survive’ and  need to appropriate a neutral space. A space in a space. Related to de question, do you sometimes see yourself in places where you are not ?

Fascinated by nature and smells, to find my personal touch of nature connection and a sens of smell, I added full of Lily natural flowers. The smell was extended into all space.

This project of installation toke place in a Brussels’s White Hotel Room.

2008, Brussels ©ada rajszys


room 14 before installation – The White Hotel, Brussels