Ada Rajszys

Born 1974, Poland

After her studies in Fine Arts in Poland ( graduates in 1994 with a specialization in Art & Exhibition), Ada landed in Belgium to explore new territories…among which fashion design, (she has studied fashion design from 1995 to 2000 at La Cambre in Brussels). After graduating from La Cambre, she directly worked as a freelance designer with various Belgian fashion brands, later initiating collaborations with contemporary dance companies as costume designer.

Finally, she is actually working as an artist in the field of visual arts: an artistic practice of matching confusion following the paths of her many interests.

Nowadays she develops very personal and laborious projects while carrying on her collaborations on contemporary dance / performance projects.

Interested in the various relations between art, movement, nature,fashion,dance,music,recycling,technology and design…since years, Ada follows an approach centered on textile and shape and their multiple potentialities linked to object, body and space.

The form, the aesthetics and the story of each creation rise from an ongoing research on materials and their possibilities.

She currently lives and works in Brussels.

contact: adarajszys AT me.com

adadesign costumes & fashion design works

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